The Szekula Family of Stamp Dealers

This website is dedicated to the Hungarian born stamp dealers Béla, Géza, Eugen and Frank Szekula. After moving to Switzerland each one of them opened his own stamp business with emphasis on international stamp trade. All four were probably rather driven by money than by the love for stamps, and especially Béla’s “creative” business ideas provoked more than one philatelic scandal during his career. However, the history of philately would arguably be poorer without the Szekula family.

Max Goldberger

Newspaper ad
Newspaper ad (Fliegende Blätter April 1926)
In May 1919 Max Goldberger joined Béla Szekula’s stamp company as an employee with signatory rights (“Prokura”). In October 1920, while still working for Béla, he opened his own stamp business “Max Goldberger” in Lucerne at Hertensteinstr. 58. In February 1922, Max Goldberger’s Prokura at Béla’s company expired. In June 1923, Goldberger’s stamp business was transformed into “Max Goldberger & Cie”, with him and his wife Helene (Ilona) Goldberger-Sekula — one of two sisters of the Sekula brothers — as owners. In July 1929 their company was deleted from the company register when Max and Helene left Switzerland. It is not clear if they moved directly to Germany, but two years later the Goldbergers made it into the news in Berlin: In late 1931, after selling new prints of rare stamps as originals Max Goldberger and his son Ladislaw were sentenced to three and six months in prison, respectively, for fraud. Eventually the family emigrated to the USA.

Postcard — 1923

Sent on April 1, 1923 by Max Goldberger to Rödeby, Sweden.

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Cover — 1924

Registered cover sent on June 1, 1924 by Max Goldberger & Cie from Lucerne to Middelburg, Netherlands.

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Cover — 1926

Registered cover sent on June 13, 1926 by Max Goldberger & Cie from Lucerne to Herne, Germany.

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Cover — February 1927

Registered cover sent on February 15, 1927 from Budapest, Hungary, to Max Goldberger in Lucerne.

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Cover — May 1927

Registered cover sent on May 20, 1927 from Pasuruan, Java, Dutch India (today Indonesia) to Max Goldberger & Cie in Lucerne.

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Postcard — May 1928

Postcard sent on May 22, 1928 from Berlin, Germany, to Cressy, Geneva, Switzerland.

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