The Szekula Family of Stamp Dealers

This website is dedicated to the Hungarian born stamp dealers Béla, Géza, Eugen and Frank Szekula. After moving to Lucerne in Switzerland each one of them opened his own stamp business with emphasis on international stamp trade. All four brothers were probably driven by money rather than the love of stamps, and especially Béla’s creative business ideas provoked more than one philatelic scandal during his career. However, the history of philately would arguably be considerably poorer without the Szekula family.

Maria Stutzer

Wanted ad
Nidwaldner Volksblatt November 2, 1935
Wanted ad
Nidwaldner Volksblatt November 14, 1936
Maria “Marie” Stutzer began working as an office employee with “Kollektivprokura” (i.e. with shared signatory rights) in Béla’s stamp company in December 1926. In September 1931, she also joined the officers at the Cosmophilatelist A.G. shortly after it was founded. Around December 1935 / January 1936 she left both companies, but for several more years she continued to buy and sell stamps from her own business address at Himmelrichstrasse 1.

Cover — March 1935

Registered philatelic cover sent on March 26, 1935 from Turan, Tannu Tuva, to Maria Stutzer.

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Cover — November 1936

Sent registered on November 23, 1936 from Cologne, Germany, to “Firma” (company) Maria Stutzer, Lucerne.

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Cover — March 1937

Sent registered on March 30, 1937 from Lucerne to Vevey.

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Cover — November 1937

Sent registered on November 8, 1937 from Stuttgart, Germany, to Lucerne.

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Cover — March 1938

Sent registered on March 28, 1938 from Lucerne to Malmö, Sweden.


Cover — December 1943

Sent registered on December 18, 1943 from Lucerne to Vitznau.

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Cover — May 1954

Philatelic cover sent registered on May 18, 1954 from Vaduz, Liechtenstein, to Lucerne.

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